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Crossroads: Choosing A Path

Crossroads are a frequent occurrence in our professional and personal lives. The ability to embrace these as opportunities rather than obstacles creates a vibrant life and career. However, you can easily feel overwhelmed with the lack of clarity and certainty you need to make a decision. Below are actions you

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Being A Centered Leader

A centered leader combines good management skills with the ability to work with and through others to accomplish compelling goals and vision. The core entry to leadership is the desire to grow and develop to meet the ever-changing needs of the business/organization in a way that creates positive outcomes for

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How To Become & Stay a Strong Leader

  To become a strong leader, it takes a myriad of tools, skills and approaches and all too often people lump everything into “coaching.” Coaching can be one of those tools that helps fuel your drive, but your commitment to developing your leadership abilities is fundamental. Activities of strong, adaptable

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What Makes A High Performing Team?

High Performing Teams Leaders who want to attract top talent and build a high-performing team know these are key elements to achieve excellence: Clarity Have a crystal clear goal or mission that is realistic and achievable. Diversity Include members who have competence and experience in creating successful outcomes in different

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7 Characteristics of Peak Performers

When I think about the amazing leaders I coach what stands out about the highest achievers – the peak performers –  are their common attributes: New Frontier Thinking They know their personal trajectory is only limited by their willingness to move in a new direction, try a new skill, or

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Art of Leadership Delegation

Leading is about letting go, not holding on. The art of leadership delegation is built on the concept that leaders build leaders. To build more leaders you have to be able to effectively delegate. To effectively delegate first, you need to be aware that you are not the only one

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Leadership quote choices are the hinges of destiny by edwin markham

Better, Faster, More Effective Team Decision Making

Effective Team Decision Making Effective team decision making in a complex world takes skill, experience, wisdom and intelligence. The ability to accelerate decision making is critical to ensure time and other resources are being best used to achieve the goals. Five tips to accelerate the decision process: 1. Stay Focused.

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Are Distractions Running Your Day?

Five tips to tame your distractions A Leader’s greatest asset is the ability to focus on key initiatives to ensure teams, services, products and ideas are flowing and growing. While the skill of focus is critical, so too is the ability to eliminate distraction from your day. In my work,

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