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Whether you want to dip your toe in the leadership development pool or supplement your coaching with new advice and insights, our knowledge center is the best place to discover and engage with more of the high-level thinking Synthesis Management Group provides.

With new blogs published bi-weekly, podcast content, research, tools, and inspirational quotes from Bobbie Goheen herself, you’ll find direction, inspiration, advice, and creative concepts that any leader can implement among themselves and their teams. 

Start by checking out these great tools, written and curated by Bobbie:

Journaling a Good Life planner

Take action on your dreams with the interactive workbook, find fulfillment with guided journaling, and learn how to rely on your intuition when you order copies of Bobbie’s planners and book.

Looking for more? See below for additional resources that will help support your career and your life. Whether you are considering a new career, new job, changes at home, or simply need somewhere to turn, these tools are a great place to start: 

Tips, tricks, concepts and leadership advice, direct from the Leaders’ Coach, Bobbie Goheen.

Leadership is a skill and an art, practiced and refined daily. Learn more with 30-minute podcast episodes that touch on the skills leaders need to succeed.

Inspirational sayings sure to kick-start your morning or guide you through the day.