Group Coaching

“We All Rise Together”

Challenges and growth require outstanding executives/teams to lead with vision, intelligence, courage, and inspiration. Groups who take the time to reflect, question their assumptions, and gain a broader perspective, ultimately become the leadership team they aspire and need to be.

Our Group Coaching is for executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to explore key strategies, timely skills, and shared experiences to develop faster and better together. This dynamic learning environment creates a platform for the crucial leadership conversations necessary to get to the heart of the matter. Participants gain additional insights and tools, which have proven results with other high-performing leaders, and find new pathways forward that work better for each leader and the whole.

Our coaches facilitate the group (whether it is for your company’s leadership team, one of our leadership programs, or CEO groups) through focused topics to discover new perspectives and role-playing to better develop skills. The group serves as a think tank on current trends, a private space for courageous conversations, an opportunity to learn through peers, and support to not go it alone and find more effective ways of leading, building, and managing teams for even better results.

Participants are committed to the following:

  • Being a part of a community of leaders, where facilitated conversations bring out even more powerful steps to positive performance.
  • Making change and holding themselves accountable to share with the group each month.

Synthesis Management Group developed the “4C” Method to ensure successful and valued outcomes of executive coaching sessions.

It starts with purpose and then continues to the following:


The personalized development process starts by understanding the needs of the individual (and organization when applicable) to expand into their unrealized potential.


New awareness of opportunities for growth of self. The key to the development and growth of more expansive and effective personal leadership is connection with new perspectives. This connection strengthens professionals and leaders to lead and communicate in new ways, which creates better environments and results.


Professionals and leaders must commit to seeing with new eyes and choosing new behaviors and perspectives to broaden and deepen their professional and leadership effectiveness. This is the fundamental beginning to positive, personal, and leadership growth.


This defines success in our personalized development model. Positive change becomes a natural extension of the individual. Through thoughtful skill development and new behavior choices, positive change becomes achievable and enlightening. Professionals and leaders are motivated by continued self-growth and development by the connections and impact of their commitment to forward-focused growth.

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