Executive Leadership Roundtable

“Grow yourself, grow your team”

Bobbie Goheen

Rise Up Together

The Executive Leadership Roundtable is for managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals interested in developing skills to lead at new levels across organizational or geographical boundaries. This group’s participants are interested in being part of a network of supportive leaders. They seek fresh insights to further develop the teams they lead, gain clarity in their career path, and leverage multiple life roles.

Each monthly session takes place in a confidential environment facilitated by Bobbie among a select group of peers committed to ongoing learning through education and knowledge sharing. By incorporating classic and contemporary business, leadership, and personal strategic models, participants are inspired to focus on the skills that lead to success:

Skills & Outcomes

Learn to step into complex situations and take wise action

Expand strategic decision-making skills

Learn the art of collaboration

Utilize leadership and mindset tools

Align stakeholders

Bridge the gap between senior management and the front line

Learn to manage the asset of you

Define a path forward for success

Move initiatives forward with clarity and strength

Manage through tight deadlines and slim resources

Navigate rapidly changing conditions

Mitigate stress and balance work and life

The Synthesis Effect

Bobbie’s proprietary “fusion” formula rests on the belief that personal and professional growth go hand in hand. Her approach is grounded and inspirational, as well as practical and energizing. She believes her clients can transform their lives and organizations, and her clients have proven her right.

“Synthesis leaders engage the bodies minds and hearts of their employees and inspire their souls.”

Business Leadership Fusion

Business Leadership Fusion model

Personal Leadership Fusion

Personal Leadership Fusion model

Leadership Fusion

Leadership Fusion model

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