Resources & Tools

Order a copy of these resources and tools written by Executive Coach Bobbie Goheen. For leadership inspiration, turn to her book, “Intuition of a Leader,” and for making your plans come to life, use the interactive workbook.

Journaling a Good Life

This journaling process is meant to celebrate the good life you are living and coming to a place of satisfaction and fulfillment with what is truly important to you every day. 

Dream to Action Planner

Take action on your dreams with this easy-to-use daily planner that will help you stay on track. 

Intuition of a Leader

Intuition is the greatest asset you have to live a life uncommon. This guide will show you how to use your intuition with exercises and ideas to help you turn awareness into action.

The Practice of Success

The Practice of Success is a daily journal used to set goals, record dreams, assess skills, and plan for achievement while tracking progress and reflecting.