Listen Without Judgment

bobbie goheen leadership quote if you can listen without judgment new doors will open for you

If you can listen without judgment new doors will open for you, expanding your knowledge base and igniting those around you as well.

As leaders the ability to maintain an open mind while leveraging your experience is a difficult balance. Your experience is what allows you to flourish in your current arena, role and/or profession, and yet it is the muscle you built along the way of being a learner and integrating new ideas that built your success.

The willingness to continue to expand your tried and true solutions with fresh and new ideas creates positive growth for you, your goals, and for others. Here are a few techniques to strengthen your listening skills, keep your mind open, learn and absorb the brilliance everywhere:

Hear what the person is saying.
Don’t be thinking about your reply or judging their message as they speak. Repeat their communication back to them using their words. Seek to understand.

Have that conversation.
If you choose not to have a conversation because you know how someone is going to respond, have it anyway. You’ll either validate your assumption or be nicely surprised with their different response.

Poke holes in it.
If an idea seems off or rubs you the wrong way, investigate the notion. Ask them how they came to the conclusion. What did they notice that led them in this direction. Ask them how they validated their idea. It’s okay ask questions to understand — even if the person gets testy with your questions

Diversify your feedback loop.
If you have a problem or opportunity that is unresolved or unrealized, ask people from all areas and walks of life for their ideas. You will be surprised on what you discover. If you are looking for a new way or better way, let others know what you have tried and ask them for their recommendations.

Challenge your assumptions.
If you are confident you know the answer, ask others, “what else don’t we know about this situation?”

The courage to ask questions when you don’t know and people think you should know, unleashes great ideas and freedom for yourself and them.