Executive Leadership Coaching Services in NY

“Alignment, clarity, consistency of message, and great communications are the hallmarks of effective executive teams.”

Executive Coaching is a dedicated time set aside in a CEO’s or leader’s busy schedule, where the work is on self. It is an investment on behalf of the organization to ensure that the individual, executive, or leader is continuing to grow and learn, along with the organization.

Our Executive Coaching and leadership assessment sessions provide the space to voice dreams, share failures, and express fears with an objective third-party. Individuals can let down the barriers and do the work to address issues and concerns such as:

How can I best serve this organization?
What do I need to learn to be my most effective, contributing self?
How do I handle massive changes influencing our industry/organization?
What are the obstacles that keep me from being all that I can be for this organization?

Align Your Team

Executive team coaching aligns team members to the roles and goals of the organization’s strategy and stretches each leader to new levels of performance.

  • Managing (strategy against market competitors) competitiveness to the outside market and achievements of the company.
  • Generating insight and growth through 360 and Leadership Profiles.
  • Expanding possibilities through dynamic conversations and exploration. There is a focus on effective communication and relationship building with peers and throughout the organization.
  • Creating a clear and consistent communication and focus throughout the team to develop alignment within the company.
  • Dynamic executive team conversations which expand the possibilities and opportunities for the growth and development of the company.

One-on-One Guidance

Our coaches provide an open non-judgmental space to help you know what you don’t know and see what you can’t see. Probing questions help guide and clarify an individual’s thinking with coaching to support navigation to your own answers.

  • Helping you assess your beliefs, assumptions, and stories about what is true by illuminating your blind spots, identifying possible errors in judgment and analysis, and providing insight into your automatic behaviors and knee-jerk reactions.
  • Guiding you as you build your team out of individuals with differing experiences, capabilities, and personalities, who must ultimately trust each other to maintain productive team dynamics and create a healthy company culture.
  • Supporting you as your raise your game to the next level of confidence, profitability, and productivity.
  • Refining your communication strategies and your personal brand.

Synthesis Management Group developed the “4C” Method to ensure successful and valued outcomes of executive coaching sessions.

It starts with purpose and then continues to the following:


The personalized development process starts by understanding the needs of the individual (and organization when applicable) to expand into their unrealized potential.


New awareness of opportunities for growth of self. The key to the development and growth of more expansive and effective personal leadership is connection with new perspectives. This connection strengthens professionals and leaders to lead and communicate in new ways, which creates better environments and results.


Professionals and leaders must commit to seeing with new eyes and choosing new behaviors and perspectives to broaden and deepen their professional and leadership effectiveness. This is the fundamental beginning to positive, personal, and leadership growth.


This defines success in our personalized development model. Positive change becomes a natural extension of the individual. Through thoughtful skill development and new behavior choices, positive change becomes achievable and enlightening. Professionals and leaders are motivated by continued self-growth and development by the connections and impact of their commitment to forward-focused growth.

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