dave rice client of bobbie goheen executive coach

Dave Rice, SVP Marketing at TactoTek Inc.

Bobbie, you rock! And do so by helping the rest of us be our best for our own personal growth and that translates to our professional contributions. I value having worked with you and miss our conversations!

lisa powers

Lisa Powers, Medicaid and Estate Planning Lawyer, Family Advocate for Caregivers

When I was struggling with the next direction of my career path in 2007 I made the very astute decision to work with Bobbie. With compassion, humor and insight she helped me identify what needs were not being met and develop a plan for change, which eventually led to the opening of my own elder law firm. Bobbie inspires you to want more, do more and achieve more, but also provides the tools to turn an emotional desire into a real achievement. I could not be happier with the work we did together. I have recommended Bobbie to many others and will continue to do so

rosemary brehm

Rosemary Brehm, Chief Results Officer, turningpoints2results

I have worked with Bobbie as a facilitator colleague since 2003. She is a creative thinker who asks key questions to bring out the collective knowledge and fresh ideas of the group. Bobbie is skilled at bringing a range of techniques and proven tools to make the team experience a successful one.

Anon Female

Patricia Krall-Dwyer, CEO Healthforce

Bobbie assisted and guided our team to create a Mission Statement/Values/Vision Statement. Not only are we pleased with the end result, but we learned about each other and gained insight into the different perspective each of us has for our company. This in turn gave us greater insight as to how to improve our team’s morale, efficiencies and focus. She also made it a fun process.

Robert Maffia

Robert Maffia, Vice President at Tetra Tech Architect & Engineers

Bobbie brought real-time business coaching to our team, and thoughtful, in depth one-on-one interaction with me. Bobbie was always well prepared and had a tenacious memory often prodding and nudging action from session to session. Aside from her business prowess, it was always fun to converse with her.

Anon Female

Donna Maxwell, SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer

I worked with Bobbie first as a colleague and then hired her as a consultant to support our Executive team. Bobbie is like no other consultant I’ve worked with. She is creative, and intuitive and capable of handling even the most complex and difficult situations. She’s an outstanding facilitator, and has earned the respect of our toughest critics by consistently delivering results. Bobbie is able to face issues head on with a demeanor that breaks down defenses. She is a true business partner and has become an integral part of our team. I highly recommend her services!

Lori Drescher Recovery Coach University

Lori Drescher, Recovery Coach University

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bobbie for ~ 20 years. At one time we even dabbled in business partnership because our values and passions were so aligned. She continues to be my go-to person when I face important business decisions. Her clarity, integrity and authenticity are unwavering. She is a talented coach, facilitator, strategist and innovationeer (I made this last one up but it fits.) I consider her a role model and close friend.

Derek Byrd

Derek Byrd, Biologist

Synthesis Management Group​ provided me with a detailed the behavioral and personality assessment. The process was surprisingly accurate and in the end it revealed things about me that I didn’t realize and probably would have never realized had I not taken the analysis, but this is just information; what Bobbie does that is so great is that she helped me contextualize this information in a constructive and personal way. Our multi-generational team now works better together and I’m able to resolve conflicts by stepping back and revisiting insights gained from her guided introspective process and workflow integration techniques.

Mac Anderson

Mac Anderson, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Cleveland Kraut

Bobbie has an uncanny ability to highlight strengths and opportunities for current and future leaders. Her ability to maneuver within organizations, creating harmonies and allowing individuals to thrive is unparalleled. I cannot thank her enough for assessing my personality, understanding my strengths and weaknesses, and advising me in a direction that has allowed me to prosper and move toward my full professional potential. Thank you, Bobbie.

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