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Leadership Academy creates a space for leaders of all areas and expertise to come together and learn to expand their thinking. As you expand, it will open new opportunities for you — within your company, community, and personally. The Academy is the starting point of growing into the vision you have of yourself.

Leadership is not linear — and your learning environment should reflect that. Each track is curated by Bobbie with topics that leaders are faced with every day. She will provide multiple practices, strategies, and tools that can be implemented and utilized as each situation arises. No one wants to talk about the difficulties in leadership, but they do occur, and the tough situations will be easier to navigate with the proven resources Bobbie has trained thousands of leaders to use. 

Current Offerings


Leadership Excellence

In today’s super competitive business world, leaders must use every advantage available to build a world class organization. Successful leaders must have the ability to move, connect, and inspire their team to meet the everchanging landscape and grow to peak performance.  

Join Fortune 100 Executive Management Coach, Bobbie Goheen, in the Leadership Excellence Program and learn the secrets that the top 1% of leaders use to build World-class teams. 

The Leadership Excellence Program includes 14 highly effective and focused courses that aim to take your personal leadership skills to the next level. In these courses, you will learn practical and useful tools to add to your skill-arsenal.  

  • Learn how to fast track development of peak performers.
  • Align new projects with key stakeholders and win ground up buy-in.
  • Learn setting goal hierarchy for the company.
  • Develop a goal-based team that drives to results.
  • Build skills and confidence to lead your team to success.

With the Leadership Excellence Program, you can build a passionate team who enjoys their work, strives for results, and can handle the shifting and highly competitive business world.  

Results from the program:  Learn the tools to build a world class, passionate, and goal-oriented team that will ensure your business can compete and push the bottom line.

Coming Soon

Management Essentials

A program dedicated to management training. Designed for new or seasoned managers to help hone their skills. If you’ve just stepped into the role or are interested in tactics to smoothly sail a transitionary period – this is the tool for you. Sign up for our waitlist now to stay up to date on our launch and other tools you may be interested in!

Synthesis Management Group Management Essentials

Meet Your Coach

Bobbie Goheen, Executive Coach

Bobbie Goheen

Synthesis Management Group President/CEO Roberta “Bobbie” Goheen has worked across the world with companies and organizations ranging in size from 5 employees to 80,000. This range of knowledge has created a dynamic expertise in leadership and teamwork. Resourceful and committed, Bobbie promotes environments for positive growth and change for individuals, organizations, and their clients.

Bobbie lead the training industry by implementing The Corporate University, one of the first in-house corporate universities for a Fortune 100 company. Twelve years and over 50 world class programs later — 17 of which are now college certified — Bobbie continues to lead through performance consultingexecutive coaching, and facilitating large-scale learning events.

In addition to the daily duties of running her own company, Bobbie is an Executive Coach for the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School in New York. Her work focuses on individual leadership development for our future leaders and change agents who desire maximum, positive, world impact.

What Bobbie's Clients Have to Say About Her

Lisa Powers, Medicaid and Estate Planning Lawyer

“Bobbie inspires you to want more, do more and achieve more, but also provides the tools to turn an emotional desire into a real achievement. I could not be happier with the work we did together. I have recommended Bobbie to many others and will continue to do so.”

William Jacques, Chief Financial Officer at Catalyst

“When I met Bobbie Goheen, I had just been promoted to CFO and she was the company’s executive coach. She is a valuable resource for the company and for me. I highly recommend Bobbie Goheen to any company looking for an executive coach or going through a significant transition.”

Laurie Broccolo, Owner at Broccolo Tree and Landscaping

“I am always amazed at Bobbie’s ability to take abstract business discussions and then verbally package into concise clear objectives that can be implemented. Take a few minutes and find out what she can do for your business and you will also be amazed at the depth of her experience and advice.”

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Entrepreneurs' Way

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Professional Excellence