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Synthesis Management Group coaches executives for success by focusing on strategic “shifts” and skills a leader must make to thrive for themselves, their team, their organization, and even within their personal life. We help executives grow, teams align with the C-Suite, and groups come together to perform at their highest levels.

Find Your Tribe

For leaders who need  and want  a confidential environment to share ideas, best practices, and knowledge. These are spaces to be vulnerable and discuss some of your deepest concerns. Discover the group that is best for you: Synthesis Leaders on the Rise, Women’s Executive Leadership, Heart-Centered Leadership or our Fusion CEO Roundtable.

Invest in Yourself

Leadership development involves continual learning. Leaders are built, not born. Synthesis Management Group delivers online workshops with an emphasis on team growth and personal excellence within organizations. Check out our current offerings in a variety of subjects for a training that allows you to build your skills at your own speed, on your own time.

Meet Bobbie,

Founder of Synthesis Management Group

Bobbie Goheen, Executive Coach

Author and Public Speaker Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book Outliers: The Story of Success that “researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.” At Synthesis Management Group, leaders benefit from the many hours (more than ten thousand!) and skills of our expert coach, Bobbie Goheen, and the learning she undergoes with each client she leads to success.

12,600 Hours | Organizational Development

Training on Executive Team Facilitation on Leadership, Change, Culture, and Strategy

15,152 Hours | Management Development

Training on Leadership and Personal Excellence

22,048 Hours | Executive Team Facilitation

Managing High Performing Teams in a Corporate Environment

23,640 Hours | Executive Coaching

Training and Leading through Executive Coaching


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