Women's Executive Leadership Fusion

“We work with women leaders to get clear on their truth and to communicate and activate from that space to create a positive impact for their teams, their company, their community and around the globe.”

Connect to Community

The Women’s Executive Leadership Forum is for women leaders who desire to be in a group of like-minded executive leaders. These women are courageous, creative, speak their truth, and are open to exploring better ways to build business and lead others. They are the ones forging their own path and navigating in a rapidly changing business world.

This mastermind of women leaders is a place to share best practices, participate in roundtable discussions on current business topics, leveraging the knowledge and experience of the whole group to benefit each member.

A Women Mastermind Peer Group

Each monthly session of the Women’s Executive Leadership Forum is 3 hours and takes place in a confidential virtual environment facilitated by an SMG facilitator and among a select group of peers. This is a group of women leaders who are committed to ongoing learning through education and knowledge-sharing in core areas that are fundamental to healthy business. By incorporating classic and contemporary business, leadership, and personal strategic models, participants are inspired to focus on their goals to build great business, navigate life, and maintain a balanced sense of self.

How the Group Works

  • Find your tribe
  • Gain personal and business insights from the group
  • Cover key business issues: HR, Yearly Planning, Hiring, Sales, Marketing, Growth, Business Challenges
  • Grow your business by expanding your thinking
  • Leverage the power of the group to solve your business issues

About the Group

  • Attend monthly sessions, dedicating 3 hours each month to growing your leadership skills and business
  • Attend a virtual or in-person group
  • All groups commit to upholding a confidential environment
  • Participate in roundtable discussions with other leaders
  • You’ll also get access to our online leadership & management learning platforms
  • Take part in the annual retreat for deeper learning and connections
  • You also have the option for one-on-one executive coaching outside of the monthly group sessions

Results & Outcomes

  • Growth in your personal development and leadership skills
  • Growth in your business – over 90% of participants experience exponential business growth
  • We will share market insights, business best practices, and practical tools to utilize in your leadership development
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Shift from working “in” your business to “on” your business
  • Achieve a better work/life balance
  • Access to a private Slack channel (messaging app) for support from your facilitator and the group

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The Synthesis Effect

SMG’s proprietary “fusion” formula rests on the belief that personal and professional growth go hand in hand. Our approach is grounded and inspirational, as well as practical and energizing. We believe our clients can transform their lives and organizations, and our clients have proven us right.

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