Women's Executive Leadership

“I work with leaders to get clear on their truth and to communicate and activate from that space to create a positive impact for their teams, their company, their community and around the globe.”

Bobbie Goheen

Connect to Community

The Fusion Women Leaders Forum is for women leaders who desire to be in a group of like-minded executive leaders. These women are courageous, creative, speak their truth, and are open to exploring better ways to build business and lead others. They are the ones forging their own path and navigating in a rapidly changing business world.

Each monthly session takes place in a confidential environment facilitated by Bobbie and among a select group of peers who are committed to ongoing learning through education and knowledge sharing in core areas that are fundamental to healthy business. By incorporating classic and contemporary business, leadership, and personal strategic models, participants are inspired to focus on their goals to build great business, navigate life, and maintain a balanced sense of self.

The Synthesis Effect

Bobbie’s proprietary “fusion” formula rests on the belief that personal and professional growth go hand in hand. Her approach is grounded and inspirational, as well as practical and energizing. She believes her clients can transform their lives and organizations, and her clients have proven her right.

Business Leadership Fusion

Business Leadership Fusion model

Personal Leadership Fusion

Personal Leadership Fusion model

Leadership Fusion

Leadership Fusion model

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