Fusion CEO Roundtable

“We are a group of business executives who mentor each other on business opportunities and challenges improving our thinking and decision-making processes, leading to better results.”

Dynamic Development

The Fusion CEO Roundtable is dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a creative approach to business, their personal life, and their role in the community.  While member industries may be different, the challenges as leaders and entrepreneurs are similar: employee interests, company morale, investor demands, customer satisfaction, and juggling growth and profitability.

Participants have a passion for people and service that supersedes all in their drive to grow and win. Invaluable insights are gained from a trusted group of peers in a highly confidential, industry exclusive environment.

Guided by our facilitators, members in this monthly forum discover together the best way to grow their business by serving as each other’s advisory board. The group openly shares best practices, experiences, and hard-earned wisdom to help one another look at problems from a slightly different angle to each discover the genius within.

The Synthesis Effect "Fusion" Formula

The Synthesis Effect

SMG’s proprietary “fusion” formula rests on the belief that personal and professional growth go hand in hand. Our approach is grounded and inspirational, as well as practical and energizing. We believe our clients can transform their lives and organizations, and our clients have proven us right.

One-on-One Coaching

Members also benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions with our facilitators. This is an opportunity to explore ideas or insights gained from the group learning sessions to then focus on areas that are uniquely important to the individual member.

Peer Learning Action Roundtables

Our team empowers already successful business leaders and their workforce to achieve new levels of excellence, growth, and development. At roundtable events, each CEO will glean new insights into teamwork, business strategy implementation, customer awareness, and personal growth.

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