Heart-Centered Leadership

“This program is a way to renew your spirit and energy. Bobbie's intuitive leadership gently assists you to see what is there in front of you that you may have ignored, pushes you to be your best in an inspiring, insightful way. The exercises we go through help you explore creative ways of re-energizing your spirit!”

Pat | CEO, Healthcare

Heart-centered sessions to enrich high performing leaders.

The Heart-Centered Leadership Forum allows participants to take time to step out of day-to-day responsibilities to center themselves. It is a chance to connect with others who bring their true selves into a community built on trust, compassion, respect, and confidentiality.

Bobbie’s monthly sessions guide participants through exercises that:

  • Free the mind and open the heart
  • Bring new ideas and possibilities
  • Explore different strategies of reflection and renewal
  • Enrich, connect, and honor the heart of a leader

Wellness – Financial – Spiritual – Creativity – Play – Partner – Family – Friends

The Synthesis Effect

Bobbie’s proprietary “fusion” formula rests on the belief that personal and professional growth go hand in hand. Her approach is grounded and inspirational, as well as practical and energizing. She believes her clients can transform their lives and organizations, and her clients have proven her right.

Business Leadership Fusion

Business Leadership Fusion model

Personal Leadership Fusion

Personal Leadership Fusion model

Leadership Fusion

Leadership Fusion model

Ready to let go and trust the process?
Connect with the heart of your leadership and explore different strategies to take forward and thrive.

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