Being A Centered Leader

bobbie goheen leadership quote stay centered in your leadership through intention, appreciation and communication

A centered leader combines good management skills with the ability to work with and through others to accomplish compelling goals and vision.

The core entry to leadership is the desire to grow and develop to meet the ever-changing needs of the business/organization in a way that creates positive outcomes for all. This desire becomes a life long quest because as you achieve success it will open you up to new and more compelling leadership challenges. Through this process is the need to stay centered.

The following practices will help you stay centered in your leadership, improve clarity and gain wisdom:

Define Your Daily Purpose
Set your intent each morning and identify the key strategic areas which require your focus, capabilities, engagement and energy. This will make the greatest difference for yourself and the goals necessary to achieve your desires.

Challenge Your Thinking
While it is easy to get seduced by your own thinking, especially when your ideas create achievements, there are 1000s of other ideas and ways to get work done, make things happen, and achieve goals. Keep your mind open and flexible. Listen for ideas that can create an even better solution.

Keep Learning
Read a chapter from a book that is not your normal genre of reading. Have someone teach you a new skill. Explore knowledge in areas that are not natural to you. This practice will provide you with a world view and expansive capacity in decision making that will give you and your team new and better outcomes.

End your day with 5 gratitude salutations. Write notes, make phone calls, face-to-face, etc. Making a practice of thanking at least 5 people per day for supporting your capacity to move ideas and programs forward will sustain your connection with others and keep you grounded in the fundamentals of success.

These four practices will provide you with a solid foundation to create and sustain your ongoing achievements. They will keep you centered by managing your focus and communications.