Clear Leadership

“The manager has a short-range view; the leader has a long-range perspective.”
Warren G. Bennis

In a world where short term results are the measurement of success and the long term vision is not clear…..you lose the heart, talent and creativity of people.

To be a manager means to focus on “the tactics” of getting short term results. To be a leader means to move out the noise, problems and everyday fears so you and your team are moving to a better future.

This seems easy and it is quite hard because there are so many daily distractions and emergencies to pull you from that focus.

The easiest way to begin to move to leadership vs daily blocking and tackling is to:

*Allow others to do their job

*Know mistakes are learning opportunities

*You can’t do everything

*Have “one clear focus” that will take yourself and your team to a better place

*Inspire those around you

*Keep the “one clear focus” for your team and company at the forefront of your conversations

*Say no to things which do not support the clear focus

*Say yes to diverse ideas and opinions to support the achievement of the “one clear focus” and outcome

*Let your team define the process and stay close to milestone events to celebrate, encourage and maintain the focus

*Make sure you give positive feedback to five different people everyday who are moving towards the vision

*Trust yourself and others that focusing on the vision will achieve your results

*Remember fretting on the tactics/process belongs with those who design and manage these items

*Realize problems will occur and that you and your team are adept at handling them…perfection is not about getting everything right it is about getting the job done.

If you don’t lead by vision, inspiration and belief you having nothing to manage or achieve ….except mediocrity.

Lead from the front!

Bobbie Goheen