You are Priority #1: How to Support a More Vibrant Self

Taking care of you is vital to leading others, building a vision and navigating change. There are millions of books, apps, blogs and videos to help you take care of your physical being.

Personally, when I go through great change, I find I drop the fundamentals of self-care and oddly, I have discovered over time, that I am not the only one. Yet, what gives energy and clarity is the self-care. In my experience, the best leaders ensure the success of others and the achievement of the vision. Given this reality, they tend to put their self-care second and over time, learn to put it first. They do what is counterintuitive – take care of themselves while actively moving others through change. They have learned this truth:

“If you don’t take time for your wellness,
you will be forced to take time for your illness

– Unknown

Here are a few concepts I have seen successful leaders embrace that could support a more vibrant you:

  1. Health – be selective of the quality of your food and incorporate lots of greens.
  2. Friendship – have a few good friends who cherish the heart of who you are and support you in your joys and heartaches.
  3. Partner – have a special someone who you love and like.
  4. Community – be a part of a community where you receive by giving.
  5. Movement – walk in nature, play tennis, etc… whatever gets you moving and grooving.
  6. Learn – learn something new – sewing, woodworking, gardening, etc. Attend the school of all life has to offer.
  7. Gratitude – end each day with noticing what is going well. Give thanks to those who helped your day go even better.

To maintain good energy throughout the day, ask yourself each hour if you experience any of the following:

  • What did I enjoy the most in the hour?
  • What gave me pleasure?
  • What brought satisfaction?
  • Where did I experience joy?
  • What made me laugh?
  • Where was I cheerful?
  • Where was I willing?
  • How many times did I smile?
  • Did I experience good luck?

Taking care of you daily allows you to be the leader others need for the short and long term.

Honor you!