Live Better, Lead Better


In the busyness of business, there is a practice that allows leaders to thrive. Very simply, it is “living well” and keeping clear on what this means to you at different stages in your life.  It has been my consistent experience that when leaders are “living well” they “lead well” and bring their best to the business, their teams, and the world.

What does it mean to live well? Well, the meaning is different for everyone, and it’s important to take the time to define and refine the answer every year to help keep you in your place of most potential.

Here are eight areas to consider as part of your “live better” plan, and reflection questions to make improvements.  

Time with your significant other. What works about the time we spend together? What is possible to explore here?

Children. What works about the time I am with my children? What would they like?

Leisure. What does good leisure time for me look like?  What feels good to keep doing and what could I add or change?

Personal Health. What is going well? What could I add, or shift based on where I am in my life?

Personal Growth. How am I doing at attending the university of life? What would be interesting to explore and dive into?

Personal Finance. What is going well? What could I add or change to make this feel more solid for me?

Friendship. Who are the people who make me laugh and remember what is important? Who do I feel good around? Are there opportunities to expand this community of people? Are there ways I could connect with them more?

Renewal. What activities or places allow me to reconnect with the essence of myself? How often do I need to do this to stay in my best self?

In the pursuit of your professional ambitions, do not leave behind the core of you. Take care of you. As you live better, notice how you lead better … others certainly do.

Thank you for taking care of you!