The Markers of Success


The thing about success is that it happens often and if acknowledged well, it can lead to satisfaction and fulfillment.

What I have noticed for myself, and learned in working with thousands of others, is that success is a natural way of being. Leaders have their own goals and aspirations they are working towards. They tend to pay more attention to the trail markers along the path than they do the final achievement. Don’t get me wrong, when leaders achieve the success they have been aiming for, they are indeed happy and have a strong sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Build in more satisfaction and fulfillment into your success by looking for these markers to support your journey:

 Journey preparation

  1. Identify the goal, outcome, or journey you are going to take.
  2. Be clear on what you hope to grow, learn or achieve by accomplishing the goal or outcome.
  3. Identify what you are willing to let go of to move towards the goal.
  4. Reflect on past accomplishments and identify what allowed you to grow and achieve (state of mind, people, environment, etc.).


  1. Pause each day to reflect on what you are experiencing and celebrate the small steps.
  2. Continue to move forward each day no matter how incremental.
  3. Ask for directions when needed.
  4. Move into ambiguity with a curious mind.
  5. Do not ignore detour or warning signs – stop, assess, and find a better way.

Journey Arrival

  1. Thank the friends, foes, and helpers along the way.
  2. Reflect on what you gained. Think of the new skills you have. What are you most proud of? Look at what you accomplished for your own personal growth that you see, even if others cannot see it yet.
  3. Celebrate!
  4. Pause – don’t take up the next challenge on the high of achievement. Take time to settle into the humdrum of the days to find what is most important to you now.

Define your success and use the markers of success to live into the experience in a way that brings you personal satisfaction and fulfillment. In my experience, when leaders are satisfied and fulfilled, that brings about uncommon success for the long view.

Enjoy the hike!