Leaders Everywhere



I had the opportunity to facilitate an amazing board of directors who came from different regions, ages, experiences, companies, and more.  You name it, and they were different. What struck me about this diverse group was how much they accomplished because they have capability, capacity, drive, and passion. Each board member was strong in their own right and truly cared about the mission and vision of the organization. What brought them together was the “Siren Song” of being part of something uncommon and special.

As my work allows me to travel across the globe, I get to connect with amazing leaders every day who are based everywhere – from small-town America to international cities like Singapore – as I work and travel across the globe. We are a world filled with people who truly care about the goals, vision, community, and teams they serve.

Here are some compelling attributes that I have experienced from leaders worldwide in the last few months:

  • An open curiosity to learn about what they don’t know
  • Willingness to expand beyond their current views
  • An honest interest to work together regardless of age
  • Collaboration with others whom they don’t normally get to work with
  • A surrender to the changes in the world, because they have a vision for something new to emerge
  • A hunger for connection and sharing of stories
  • An understanding that we are stronger, smarter, and more capable together
  • No matter the age or background, there is always something new to gain and explore
  • Vulnerability brings us closer together, faster
  • Appreciation is a gift that keeps on giving
  • Loud and soft voices are voices to be heard
  • Self-satisfaction comes from collaboration on clear goals that build good short-term results
  • Effective collaboration leads to good flow and results in productivity or “good go”

What are you noticing about where others are coming together to build a better future?

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