The Emergence of Your Path

I recently facilitated a group of business leaders that included a fascinating conversation surrounding “life’s purpose” – defining your purpose and how to choose the right path towards it. The discussion ranged from the philosophical to the practical, the wild to the wondrous, the fantastic to the functional, and the frustration to the flow.  Once the dust and sparkles settled, here were the resounding morsels of wisdom:

  1. Align with your truth in every choice to create your path.
  2. Trust the path will appear as you respect yourself and your choices.
  3. Comparison diminishes one’s abilities and forward momentum.
  4. If things are fuzzy, they will become clear.
  5. Take time to “step onto the balcony” and “reflect” to build true strategies.
  6. Create engagement and connection with others to see who can understand what you are building and support it.
  7. Appreciate the everyday quiet voices that encourage us on our journey.
  8. Bringing an idea to life requires a shift in intention – it is not about “me,” but it is about the “we” that emerges through collaboration.
  9. Staying the course is hard and crucial to do when fear, uncertainty and doubt appear.
  10. Sometimes courage is just about taking one small step forward.

What began with conversations of stress, tension, and doubt, resulted in a feeling of expansiveness and possibility once we came to these truths.

I hope you find a few truths that resonate with you and maybe even share a few of your own.

Continue to embrace your ideas and move forward.