7 Successful Keys for Leading Through Uncommon Change

We are on a roller coaster of change filled with good and strange information. I am fortunate to work with amazing leaders throughout the world and experience how their leadership practices are focusing and preparing their teams for a stronger tomorrow.

Here are 7 practices they have been doing which lead to their success:

1.Go Outward – they are actively reaching out to participate and connect with other leaders, thinkers, dreamers and doers to learn from their perspectives, approaches, and insights.

2. Go Inward – they are taking time to refuel as a leader by walking in nature, reflecting, connecting with their trusted sounding boards, and listening for what they need to hear.

3.Work Harder – they are working harder because of the rapid change, information and communication. Because of their efforts they are having great success in navigating this time for their organization and team members..

4. Keep the “Good Whiskey” – In 2008, I had a client tell me after a board meeting that they were even throwing the good whiskey overboard and he saw it would put their company at a disadvantage…and it did. He was unable to quell the fear of the board. In 2020, the leaders who are already seeing good change in their organization and market, worked (and are working) hard to keep the good talent, customers, vendors, etc and maintain their high performance. They appreciate those who have been with them on the journey and are staying true to their values in this very difficult time. They are maintaining their tribe.

5.3X Communications – communicate, communicate, communicate. Even when things stay the same, communicate. Leaders understand their team is bombarded with information and working remote makes it harder to discern how things are going. The teams that are thriving have leaders who are engaged, transparent, and providing consistent communicate. They are celebrating their team and the small daily wins.

6.Decisiveness – even in uncertainty the leaders who are moving forward are making decisions, modifying decisions, pivoting, adapting and learning as they go. Staying frozen is not an option, moving forward is the way they are learning, adapting, leading and…succeeding.

7.Compassion – last but not least, perhaps even foremost, is the importance of compassion. Your ability to be present for the emotions and confusion that is flowing through others with non judgment is the greatest gift to your team and our humanity. Your presence, listening and care make a difference. Maybe some days you don’t feel it and know that it makes a HUGE difference every day.

These are a few of the key components which allow real leaders to grow and succeed in an increasing complex world.