Getting It Done – the truth

There are a plethora of books and ways to be effective with time management. Yet leaders find themselves in the same spot every day….being pulled into the fire or flavor of the moment. The reality and truth of success is to maintain your focus on the dream/vision and the core strategy to actualize it. You have to be selective with your focus. In addition, if others support or impact this vision/goal/dream/outcome/expected result etc. you must constantly feed/water/maintain/nurture these relationships….there is no way around it ( well if you like being reactive vs proactive than don’t do this one;-)

To maintain your focus being mindful of your choices and consider the following:

Does this pull on my attention serve the vision/strategic plan?
Am I having the right conversations with all constituents who are a part of this vision/plan?
Am I choosing the right leadership behaviors which align with the vision/plan?
Am I getting pulled away from the vision for the “side trip mind candy” of being overly involved in areas which are not necessary?
Am I clear on what is required of me to grow and change to lead the vision?
Am I living it every day?

How are you doing with all of this?