The Real Secret of Business Success


Successful business leaders know that when they keep their focus on the core of business, their company thrives. If there are no people there is no organization, company, or community. This is why it’s essential to enjoy working with, through, and for people. Leaders who focus on inspiring their people to stretch their personal and professional growth create the kind of synergy that is necessary for a forward-focused company or organization.

“You can’t change who they are, you can change how they are.” –  Bobbie Goheen

By knowing and appreciating the answers to the following business questions, leaders succeed:

  • What is business? Providing a product or service that is valued by people 
  • What is the marketplace? People who are looking for or are open to a product or service
  • What is an influencer? A person
  • What is a follower? A person
  • What is a customer? A person
  • What is a client? A person
  • What is a service? Offering an exchange of personal excellence, proven ability, experience, knowledge, or capability which is supportive or in need from another person
  • What is a shareholder? A person 
  • What is an institution? A group of people, led by a person
  • What is an organization? People who have agreed to come together for a common outcome
  • What is a company? A legal entity that is a group of people who have come together to offer a product or service
  • What is AI? A computer program that has been written to copy people’s thinking and intelligence
  • What is a commodity? Something useful for people that can be turned to commercial or other advantages
  • What is the stock market? Stock markets are venues where buyers (people) and sellers (people) meet to exchange equity shares of public corporations (run by people to be of service to people)

Know what lights people up and provides a way to shine when delivering that product or service, and you are golden!

Use these resources to work on your business by supporting your people:

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Don’t Be Obsolete, turn on your people skills and serve your (customer) people with your (team) people.

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Enjoy people!