10 Practices for Better Communications

business meeting

Improve Your Communications

In an increasingly dynamic and complex world a successful leader is distinguished by the ability to communicate well, across a variety of mediums. Here are 10 practices to improve your communications:

1. Embrace conflict.
When there is tension, acknowledge it and seek to understand the situation and the expectations, and strive for the best outcome for all involved.

2. Reach Out.
Initiate a relationship rather than waiting for an appropriate moment like a business-related conversation.

3. Appreciate differences.
Take time to celebrate how differences make the whole better, whether it is in culture, thought or background.

4. Speak truth.
Articulate what is working or not for a given situation or communication; this helps you grow as well as those around you.

5. Develop others.
Help people identify and tap into their underutilized skills and abilities through your conversations and expectations.

6. Be Clear.
Find a way for others to get what they need in the conversation or decision so they can achieve their goals.

7. Give trust.
Delegate with clear expectations on the outcome/results, provide the tools to do the job, and get out of the way.

8. Engage others.
Ask for input and ideas on strategy, opportunities, road blocks, etc., the more you engage others the more you create shared ownership and a commitment to success.

9. Stay objective.
Balance your communication in “hot” situations. Avoid judging emotions while working to clarify and objectify what is needed to move the situation forward.

10. Pay Attention.
Listen with the intent to understand, suspend judgment and ask others to confirm what you understand them to be saying.

“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.”
Anne Morrow Lindbergh