The Gifts of Speaking Your Truth


Speaking your truth creates growth and expanded momentum.

What I have observed in others and myself is that from the courage to speak one’s truth, no matter how different or roughly framed it comes out, new insights and from them, new growth result.

When leaders feel safe to share their deepest truth out loud it comes to life and nurtures thought and an open response instead of rattling around in their brain where it withers unheard, unacknowledged and un-tested.

When a leader is perceived to be speaking truthfully, without hidden agendas, without need for personal validation, what is said is better heard for its own merits and encourages others to do likewise and provide their “truths.” This allows truth-tellers to discover deeper, different meanings that extend beyond the original premise of their truth. The outcome is new, collaborative thinking and dialogue that creates growth, discovery and curiosity.

Five keys to achieving this kind of quality sharing are:

1. Self-respecting humility.
You know you are the leader; you don’t ask for direct or implied assurances on that score.

2. Assuming the best of your listeners.
Don’t suspect their motives. You are open to discovering the truth and assume they are too – unless they demonstrate otherwise.

3. Consulting your listeners.
Check with them frequently to be sure you have made your thoughts clear, that they understand your thinking. Regularly solicit their reactions to any critical or controversial points.

4. Listening.
Take as long as you possibly can to hear and respect the thinking (and feelings) of your listeners. Stay open. Stay present.

5. Communicate outcomes.
Share progress, even setbacks, to the plans agreed upon.

The gift of truths being spoken and received – unburdened by presumptions or bias – opens new pathways to growth, satisfaction and fulfillment. This motivation and passion for truth is core to the engine of any leader’s drive and achievement.