What is the number one leadership asset?

the larger the island of knowledge the longer the shoreline of wonder. Ralph W Stockman

The number one asset of leadership: learning.

The capacity to learn is not attributable to an age. It is found in people who have an insatiable appetite to discover, understand, be educated and try new experiences which push the known boundaries of their thinking to find undiscovered worlds, ways and concepts they had not known before.

Where you find learning leaders you find organizations creating and adapting to the growth and evolution of the markets, humanity and science. These are the change makers, the true leaders who are defining better paths in a way which everyone thrives.

Successful companies and organizations have solid leaders who are fueled by learning. The drive and passion to learn creates an environment of open communication and growth as these leaders ignite meaningful conversations that stimulate the drive and passion of those around them.

People focus too much on numbers and measurements and not enough on the actions and behaviors that lead to better numbers. The numbers reflect lagging indicators of leading behaviors of pivotal conversations that inspire people and teams to find the best actions to accomplish the goals and vision of the company. They create the kind of customer experience which makes others feel appreciated and better from the interaction.

If you are looking to grow yourself as a leader and a professional then invest in your ability to continually learn, if for no other reason than to have the self satisfaction and feeling of growth and development. Challenge your comfort zone and learn things you know nothing about and watch how it impacts your professional growth and personal well being.

If you are a leader who learns, continue to light the fire of learning in your team and company. If you are looking to join a new organization, find one where fascinating and interesting discussions are had throughout the day and continue to watch yourself grow!