What got you here, will get you there, if…

What got you here, will get you there, if…you remember the practices that allowed you to be successful. I have noticed in myself and in others that when the same solution is applied to a different group of people or company, it typically does not work. The reason is quite simple – the leader forgot that it is not the solution that needs to be repeated, the steps to the solution are what need to be repeated.

Think about when someone comes from another company where they have been very successful. They will often reference and apply the below practices that make them fail in the new company:
• “Here is how we did at our other company”
• “This is a best practice that I did in my other company”
• “We had this problem in other company and here is the solution”

And people often respond in this way:
• “Well, you don’t know what is going on here at our company”
• “Our company is different”
• They ignore the input all together

Here are a few things which can support you as you move into new teams, companies or acquire new business:
• Be open minded
• Understand the situation thoroughly
• Get all the stakeholders involved
• Ask what they have tried
• Ask what they would be open to trying next if they were guaranteed success
• Share what you have seen work, ask them what makes sense about it and what does not
• Incorporate their ideas in the solution
• Incorporate new ideas you have not experienced
• Let go of your past wins/programs to create new and even better solutions and programs
• Keep treating each individual with respect and work every day to build trust in your leadership

Remember, what made you successful in the past was your ability to listen without emotion or judgement, explore alternate solutions, experiment on applications, engage others and ensure the stakeholders felt their needs were being met and they could see a better future.