The Difference Between Average and Achievement


To have a coach or not, is the difference between average and achievement. I was an average swimmer on my high school swim team. While I would never win, I was put in team events as a strong and long swimmer. In my first year of High School, a new swim coach shared how I could adapt my hands, flutter, kick, and complete a stroke to get more power – all of which significantly improved my speed and performance. With those slight adjustments, I began to win, much to the surprise of myself, my family, and team members, but not my coach.

Our team went on to become all-city champions and into the state finals because of this coaching. I could not have achieved that success without a coach monitoring and improving my performance. Some could view this as “micromanagement,” however, I view it as “engaged encouragement” from an individual who could see more was possible when I could not. Those micro shifts created huge improvements and winning outcomes.

Coaching is taking a player where they can’t take themselves.” – Jose Mourinho

Just like an athletic coach is there to help athletes reach their potential, an executive coach can do the same for you as a leader. Here is how professional coaching takes you from average to achievement.

Unlock Your Potential

Personalized guidance from a coach is tailored specifically to your needs and goals. A strong coach will work with you to identify any blockages that may be holding back your success, as well as provide specific tools and strategies that can help move you forward.

Stay on Track

When life gets busy, our goals tend to move further away instead of closer. A coach can hold you accountable and keep you on track no matter what life throws in the way. If you start veering off course or feeling unmotivated, a coaching session will bring your focus back onto your greater vision and help you to stay motivated even when things get tough.

Take Action   

One of the most important elements of success is taking action – something many people struggle with due to fear or inertia. A great coach understands this struggle and works with you every step of the way to build up your confidence while giving you the push you need to take action – whether it be trying something new or pushing past any mental blocks that may arise along the way. This level of support makes all the difference in taking your business from average to achievement.

I have been fortunate enough to have these coaches throughout my career and continue to have this kind of growth based on the regular feedback I gain from the people I work with. I would rather know what is working and what to add or change than flail around in the water.  How about you?

More is possible!