Ten Truths About Success

leadership quote from bobbie goheen success is no accident by peleMany want success but few are willing to do what it takes to be successful, consistently.

A CEO I worked with grew a multi-billion dollar company from nothing and did not let go of any of the original people who helped to start the company. These founding team members worked incredible hours, defined ways to help the company scale, and loved the journey as much as he did. He was not the easiest of leaders to work with or for, and yet, his actions and integrity far out weighed his rough character. That is leadership, values, and commitment. That is success.

Here are ten truths about success I’ve learned from leaders I work with:

  1. Success doesn’t happen overnight or by yourself.
  2. You have to practice every day: growing, learning, trying, doing.
  3. Those who are successful fail and get back up…. quickly.
  4. If you go it alone, it will take longer and be more difficult. Fusion Leadership for people making a path not following one.
  5. Success is a balance of discipline in some areas and flexibility in others.
  6. Success is about asking for help and letting others help you.
  7. Success is the openness to diversity of thought and appreciating what it brings to all.
  8. It is about being vulnerable (heart centered) and strong (resourceful) at the same time.
  9. Success is about living your values even when it is hard, does not make sense, or seems difficult to keep your commitment. etc.
  10. Success is being clear on what you define success to be.

Those who achieve their goals have satisfaction and fulfillment not only for the result but also for how they took the journey.

How do you define success?