“Taking Stock” for Focus and Clarity


One of the great gifts of my work is the ability to work with extremely successful executives who run great teams and organizations while competing in a dynamic marketplace. I learn so much from them and witness their success daily. Based on these experiences, I would like to share one best practice I see all of them applying consistency, and that is “Taking Stock.”

If you take the time to reflect on these “taking stock” tips, you will continue to keep your leadership and capabilities in the place of most potential.

1. Understand that when you are clear, focused, energized, and thriving, so too is everything around you.

2. Clarity is gained by taking stock of the year and answering the following questions against the vision:

  • What were the top 3-7 accomplishments for the year?
  • What are the top 3-5 areas that need focus for the new year?
  • Where are 3-5 areas that I want to grow, learn, develop and/or change?
  • In my personal life, what are the 3-5 areas that I would like to grow and develop?

3. Define your focus statement for the year.

4. Identify the supporting mechanisms and people who will keep you in your place of most potential.

5. Send thank-you notes or calls to the people who have supported your achievements and changes.

6. Engage others in the practice of “taking stock.”

Enjoy your reflection, keep up the amazing job, and see with new eyes as we are on the dawn of a new year.