The E’s of Leadership

Today’s leader has new challenges to navigate, which have not yet been studied, analyzed, or written about by our favorite authors. We live in a time of rapid change, stimulated by the adaption and integration of new technologies, new patterns of society, workforce needs, and shifting marketplaces. Each day, leaders are constantly weighing the right priorities to tend to, while maintaining a focused workforce.

I have the good fortune to work with amazing leaders across the world who achieve results while maintaining positive and engaged teams. Here are eight skills I see them exhibit daily:


The ability to sift through each conversation and action, choosing the best points that will continue to provide product or service excellence.


They have a participative style that is perfectly imperfect. The style engages their team members and all stakeholders in the key goals and vision to achieve their outcomes.


Thoughts, experiences, and knowledge are shared to ensure the team is current and aware of the latest in the organization and market.


A focus on encouraging others around them to achieve the greater goals, asking for their input and ideas, and giving them “the reins” to drive important initiatives forward.


They keep the team inspired by the vision to put the extra in the ordinary and create bold outcomes.


They examine procedures and guidelines to see if these are “rules” that help the forward momentum of the team.


Strong leaders engage each person and team at a high level to let them know their importance to the group and the project. These leaders seek out what each person is doing well and thank them for their time and passion for the project and company.


New skills are practiced, and education is ongoing, so they may adapt and grow their leadership ability to the situation in front of them. These leaders are willing to try, fall, get back up again, and try again until they learn. They are very aware their old skills do not serve them in this new world and are willing to grow new abilities.

These are eight of the “E’s” I have been experiencing with leaders who are navigating new terrain with success.  What are your insights and learnings about what is necessary to lead in today’s world?

Create more “E’s” in your life!