Mosaic Thinking

I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing leaders. There are many things which make them outstanding, different, successful, dynamic and motivated. As I reflect on our coaching conversations, there is a consistent pattern of thinking that I term as “mosaic thinking.” Mosaic thinking is this ability to have conversations, interests and openness to concepts, ideas, perspectives, issues, etc. and synthesize the patterns into new innovations, better solutions, new ideas and powerful futures.

Here are some attributes leaders exhibit when they access their mosaic thinking and create new success:
• Willing to have vulnerable conversations
• Insatiable learners in all aspects of their life
• Being present to others in the moment
• Aware that any learning and development they engage in for themselves and others will pay off in the future in ways they did not expect
• Attention to serendipity
• Don’t buy into one philosophy, they are always exploring and adapting their own
• Tell the truth about their situation, even when they don’t want to
• Willing to let go of behaviors and practices which don’t honor their vision and future
• Always hungry to move into new aspects of their own growth and development
• Explore the side roads, the quirky
• Pay attention to trends and areas outside of their normal world
• Take time to reflect
• Trust the process of ideas coalescing together to create new possibilities
• Vibrant in their exploration of the new and unusual
• Able to hold the tension of letting the ideas and concepts come together and implement them in the right time
• Have the courage to enter into wide, expansive conversations which begin to highlight the mosaic pieces they are noticing

If you are looking for new growth and opportunities, tap into your own Mosaic Thinking and begin to notice what you may have not seen before.