Are you motivated by courage or fear?

courage is a muscle, is is strengthened by use Routh Goron

Courage is fundamental to leadership

Courage is the ability to speak your truth and choose actions in a way which ennobles others. Courage is often hard work and cowardice is usually no work. Not easy words to hear.

How to make courage your motivation:

Go to the Source – Cowardice is sharing derogatory statements about another to everyone but the person. Courage is to approach the person you are in conflict with and seek to discover what is true and what is not.

Bridge Support – Cowardice is to share divisive statements or question ideas that weaken the support of an idea or a person. Courage is to look at different ways to make a structure, idea or person even stronger. Noticing what is weak and figuring out how to make it stronger for all.

Transition Management – Cowardice is to point out what was wrong with the past and the bad decisions and mistakes others made. Courage is to say we are grateful for those who brought us here today and we will continue the work by focusing on the next areas to improve. Courage knows that they would not be in this place today if it were not for the work and mistakes of others who brought us to this moment.

Change – Cowardice is to stand back and wait while others do the work, point out that this does not make sense, or diminish the efforts of those who are trying. Courage is the ability to dive in and be a part of the solution vs part of the problem. Giving your all and supporting others even when things are not entirely clear; knowing the effort of trying will yield a better future vs waiting.

CEO Treatment – Cowardice is to provide better focus, treatment, responsiveness and respect to those in hierarchy positions. Courage is to treat everyone with dignity, respect, and responsiveness regardless of position.

Learning – Cowardice is to learn only when absolutely necessary or waiting to apply a new skill until it absolutely makes sense to you. Courage is to live each day with curiosity and openness to the experience, people, new knowledge and a zest for trying new skills and ideas.

Celebrate – Cowardice is to give praise to those who will do something for your goals or advancement. Courage is the generosity of spirit to give great feedback and appreciation for all whom you engage with throughout your day.

Conflict – Cowardice says there is a problem with another or a situation and stand back because they are uncomfortable with the uncertainty and energy in the moment. Courage is the ability to share a perspective, engage in healthy dialogue, ask questions to understand and be comfortable if an answer does not appear in the moment.

Feedback – Cowardice is having insight that could make someone stronger or better and holding back because it would make them stronger and better. Courage is the ability to provide insight from a place of wanting to see others stronger and better even when they may not want to hear it or are ready to hear it. Courage knows having the conversation may not make a difference in the moment but it will down the road

Conversational Impact – Cowardice is very good at talking about others and not to others. Cowardice finds it easy to point out what is wrong and less than, in others or a situation. Courage communicates in a way that is going to have a positive impact on others or a situation. They tell the truth and they do it in a way which allows others to grow, expand and move to a better future. If they talk about others, it is focusing on the overall person vs what is missing.

Know you may make mistakes in your courageous choices and it’s okay. You can make amends and you can learn to choose courage more. No one is perfect in this. Watch how you feel when you choose courage over cowardice and see how your leadership impact will change.

Continue to strengthen your muscle of courage!