See the Change and Lead


As world markets and local needs continue to change both slowly and quickly, leaders are required to see, know, and lead their teams through these changes. The ability to see around the corner is a critical skill to success, and yet unforeseen change can impact this ability to effectively lead in constantly shifting waters.

Here are eight skills to help you become clear, proactive, and prepared to make swift and effective leadership adaptations:

Planning for Achievement & Adjustment

1. Take Time to Plan. Identify your key goals, the strategies to get there, the tactics to support the strategy, and the key performance indicators which reflect the outcomes you are looking for. Review the plan every two weeks and make adjustments as necessary.

2. Align on Changes. For new decisions and changes – take the time to plan to make sure everyone is engaged, clear, and aligned.

Maintaining Focus on the Vision and Goals

3. Trend-watching. Pay attention to trends, match data, validate, and get close to the action to identify what the trends mean and how they are being integrated into the real marketplace.

4. Face Time. Meet with your direct reports monthly to step out of the day-to-day and take stock of where things are going well and what needs to be focused on next.

Communicating for Clarity and Insight

5. Customer Conversations. Stay close to your customers and understand what is going well for them and what is keeping them up at night.

6. Ear to the Ground. Follow up regularly with your customers, stakeholders, and team members to understand what is working, what are the gaps, and what is needed next.

Developing Leaders to Build High-Performing Teams

7. Recognize and Reward. Reward those individuals who are seeing gaps and opportunities and are engaging in one or more of the following:

  • providing recommendations to move forward
  • moving things forward effectively
  • stepping in and helping others to achieve their goals
  • learning a new skill or process outside of their comfort zone

8. Rise Above. Develop your managers and leaders to build solid performing teams, who focus more on how to get things done vs the issues of getting things done.

Planning for achievement and adjustment, maintaining focus on the vision and goals, communicating for clarity and insight, and developing leaders to be able to effectively manage and build high-performing teams are the fundamentals of leading in your industry and guiding your team to success.

Leaders need the ability to see around the corner and bring others with them through effective engagement and achievement.

Continue to be the change,