Ep. 2: Making Decisions as a Leader

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Podcast: Making Decisions as a Leader

Topics discussed include:

  • What are the most important decisions a leader makes for their organization?
  • How do you become a humble learner?/li>
  • What does open mindedness do for leadership?
  • Learn about how peer groups can assist leaders in improving their decision-making skills, and get Bobbie’s recommendations on other ways to improve in this area./li>

Resources and links from the episode:

Fishbone diagram: https://asq.org/training/asq-quality-tools-fishbone-diagram-fdasq
Howard Gardner books: Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership & Frames of Mind (On the theory of multiple intelligences)

Music: The Time to Run by Dexter Britain

Synthesis CEO Bobbie Goheen is expert in focusing top-management dynamics on a shared vision, specific goals and creative collaborations to achieve them. She has done this for Fortune 100 corporations, clients large and small and across a range of enterprises here and abroad. Frequently called to speak on Leadership and Organizational Culture she can be reached at bobbie@getsynthesis.com.