Crossroads: Choosing A Path

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Crossroads are a frequent occurrence in our professional and personal lives. The ability to embrace these as opportunities rather than obstacles creates a vibrant life and career. However, you can easily feel overwhelmed with the lack of clarity and certainty you need to make a decision. Below are actions you can take to navigate your crossroads and find the answer that is right for you.

Try new things, consider old ideas in a new light, fumble, make mistakes and trust that it’s okay.

Reach out to colleagues, subject matter experts, learn about the options, educate yourself, share your ideas, and ask others about their journey.

Pay attention to your heart, what feels good to you, what lights you up, what inspires you?

Journal your ideas, your insights, hopes, dreams and aspirations.

When you have gathered the information you need, take time to reflect and choose a direction then step firmly and clearly in a direction which feels true to you.

Choosing uncertainty and growth is not always easy and yet it opens up new doors and worlds for you to explore. This is a time where you must be the leader for yourself. Trust your truth.