Better, Faster, More Effective Team Decision Making

Leadership quote choices are the hinges of destiny by edwin markham

Effective Team Decision Making

Effective team decision making in a complex world takes skill, experience, wisdom and intelligence. The ability to accelerate decision making is critical to ensure time and other resources are being best used to achieve the goals.

Five tips to accelerate the decision process:

1. Stay Focused.

Be crystal clear on the goal, impact and results. Keep this focus in all discussions and communications.

2. Define the opportunity.

Strengthen the team through fully analyzing the situation together, fleshing out the opportunity and gaining a clear understanding of what it will take to get to the goal.

3. Share responsibility.

Divide the information gathering among the team. This shortens the research and planning process and strengthens the bonds among team members.

4. Set a deadline.

Having an end point for information gathering maintains the focus.

5. Assess and Decide.

Review the information to the goals then make a decision with clear actions and check points.

“Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.”
Anthony Robbins