4 Types of Loyalty Essential to Powerful Leadership

loyalty to relationships is the foundation of great leaders - bobbie gohhen peak performance leadership coach

Loyalty is multi-faceted and must be cultivated. The four kinds of loyalty you need to commit to fostering are:

Self Loyalty: Be clear and truthful with yourself.

This is the first and main priority. Being present, understanding your experience, speaking from your heart without judgment creates a clear and centered leader. Clarity in communication about your sense of situations by integrating the head and the heart is what connects you to others and the vision.

Team Loyalty: Give 100% to the focus/outcome.

Allowing someone to be your coach is one of the greatest experiences you will have. You will learn what you are capable of beyond your mind; you will learn to celebrate the achievements of your peers; you will learn that the sum of us is greater than one of us, and you will learn (whether you have a good leader or a bad leader) that people hunger and work to excel and grow.

Excellence Loyalty: Give your best to any moment.

Regardless of the circumstances in life or the situation, you give your best. Even if you are surrounded by others who don’t care, you give your best. This practice of bringing all of yourself to every situation will set you and the world around you on fire.

You may not see your effect in the moment or for years to come. When you do come across how your actions and energy impacted a situation or individual, it will be a reminder of the importance of staying loyal to your personal commitment to excellence in every situation. This is faith.

Relationship Loyalty: Build connections with others that are real and true.

Loyalty to relationships is the foundation of great leaders. It is not great speeches that make a leader, it is how you care and nurture your relationships through out time that creates the uncommon platform of achievement and success.

Take advantage of technology to be a tool to remain in contact and support those you have had the chance to work with on interesting assignments, friendships made at school or work, connections made at chance meetings or conferences, kind sales people who truly were out to provide the best options, and people who have given you their best.

Define your path by practicing loyalty in all ways