Vitality of Leadership

“There is a vitality,
a life force,
an energy,
a quickening,
that is translated through you into action,
and because there is only one of you in all time,
this expression is unique.”

Martha Graham

Leadership is made up of many components that have been studied by the greats. One of the key components is physical vitality and stamina. When you see positive leaders which energize an organization and have the keen ability to influence people …..you see an “aliveness” that captures the minds and spirits of others.

So does this mean you have to be fit like Lance Armstrong or Serena Williams?

No. It does mean that you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle to make sure you are engaged and energized in role as a leader. An equal part of vitality is having passion and finding the pieces in your role that create excitement, energy and aliveness which translates well into your organization.

Here are key attributes of leaders who have Vitality:

They challenge themselves by surrounding themselves with high performers and eclectic peer groups
They seek learning in all venues
They live a richly diversified life which keeps them growing through experiences large and small
They engage with unique thinkers
They actively, consistently and avidly search out feedback to grow, hone and stretch their leadership style and organization
They engage in the kinds of activities that bring fluidity and agility to their body
They have fun
They have hobbies
They have a strong family life

In essence, they love life, enjoy people and are always learning. Vitality creates a synergy and resonance with others that anything is possible…. and would be interesting to try.

“The essence of optimism is that it takes no account of the present,
but it is a source of inspiration,
of vitality and hope where others have resigned;
it enables a woman/man to hold her/his head high,
to claim the future for her/himself and not to abandon it to her/his enemy.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Take a moment to assess your Vitality index….. are you creating a sense of aliveness in all aspects of your life and leadership?