The Secret to Change Management

bobbie goheen leadership quote "change is hard at first messy in the middle gorgeous at the end Robin Sharma

Change takes consistent focus, communication, engagement, openness, adaption, and trust to make it happen. Leaders who successfully lead change understand this secret, “very few go through change easily.” Leaders who accept and anticipate this truth lead themselves and others through change well.

Below are a few practices wise leaders use to support themselves and others through change:

  • Be clear and concise on your end goal/vision.
  • Be able to say the goal/vision in two sentences or less in a way that ignites you.
  • Keep your vision/goal communications real – don’t polish it too much for then it becomes dull.
  • Remember perfection is the enemy of moving good things forward.
  • Be focused on engaging others in the conversation and the idea of the goal/vision.
  • Identify “the why of staying the same vs change” is imperative to you and your team.
  • Be prepared to endlessly, consistently, and joyfully communicate the goal/vision in all venues and with all people (even with those closest to you).

These beginning practices will set the stage for healthy and achievable change for yourself and others.

As you continue through to your goals surround yourself with a trusted sounding board: those who have a view of the “tried and true,” those with a view of the “fresh and new,” those “who believe it and want to achieve it” view and those with a “give me the data and the reasoning before I change” view. A diverse group of people will bring your vision/goal to life in a way that makes it stick.

Change is hard work…and very rewarding work. Because at the end, great things happen. Go ahead, take the leap and create a compelling need for change.