Ep. 16 – Unleashing Ideas

Today Bobbie goes deeper on not only developing ideas for your company, but the distribution, adoption and acceptance of your ideas. Learn how to handle red tape, and what to do when it takes  a long time to launch an idea. Things discussed on the show: Eric Ries: https://leanstartup.co/team/eric-ries/ The Lean…

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Ep. 15 – Innovate & Motivate

Bobby discusses what leaders and companies should do to encourage innovation, with the emphasis on listening to customers. She also gives advice on keeping employees motivated and fostering a workplace environment where this is possible. Synthesis CEO Bobbie Goheen is expert in focusing top-management dynamics on a shared vision, specific…

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Ep. 5 Creativity & Great Ideas

How does a leader encourage creative thinking within their organization? Where do the great ideas come from in organizations? Bobbie discusses how leaders can foster a creative environment, and how to avoid common creativity-dampening pitfalls. Catch People Doing Something Right Synthesis CEO Bobbie Goheen is expert in focusing top-management dynamics…

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