Quality Growth Needs Creativity

“There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish.”
Warren G. Bennis

There is no growth even in nature without planting new seeds. Successful leaders understand the common sense truth nature offers daily. If you want your team, organization and company to grow you have to create a cycle of new ideas, good environment, good management, and good marketing. Simple….yet somehow gets complicated with interesting notions.

Fear is the primary impediment of creativity and strong growth. Deming wrote of this with his point number eight “obligation of management” was to drive fear out of the organization. Fear of being fired, reprisals, losing status, or being different weakens the growth cycle of a company. Deming believed that quality, innovation, and creativity all required risk taking and the willingness to speak up.

If you want to have a green and growing company you may have to let go of old notions and create new ones:

*Ask your customers what they want

*Ask your employees how to get there

*Ask your management team to make it happen

*Follow up and communicate the positive small and large steps which are leading to a more productive and growth future

*Treat your managers like leaders and let them learn by doing….just like you did….

If you want your company to grow and change with the world ….so too must you.


Bobbie Goheen