Ep. 32 – When You’ve Lost Your Edge

bobbie goheen lion the art of leadership podcast

Bobbie talks about what to do when you find yourself losing your “mojo”, when your business targets are being missed, you aren’t killing your presentations or clients aren’t happy. She also talks about balance vs. presence, and how to think about being present in various aspects of your life.

Book mentioned: Seth Godin: The Dip

Synthesis CEO Bobbie Goheen is expert in focusing top-management dynamics on a shared vision, specific goals and creative collaborations to achieve them. She has done this for Fortune 100 corporations, clients large and small and across a range of enterprises here and abroad. Frequently called to speak on Leadership and Organizational Culture she can be reached at bobbie@getsynthesis.com.

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Music: The Time to Run by Dexter Britain

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