It Ain’t Easy

“It can’t be about you… if you want to lead.” Bobbie Goheen

Leadership is the ability to define a common purpose and continually align people, resources, actions and behaviors to achieve the vision/goal. This is an easy statement to write and hard one to live out everyday. If you are in a leadership role you know why.

Leadership in today’s world will require the following from you:

1. The ability to listen without judgement
2. The curiosity and willingness to explore other avenues or ideas that are not yours
3. The astuteness to ask for help
4. The interest to establish relationships with those you might not normally have in your inner circle
5. The openness to adapt your style because the situation and people require it of you
6. The tolerance to manage the egos of others even when they think don’t have one
7. The courage to let go of old ways and standards that create rifts between you, others, and the purpose

In my coaching practice it is not uncommon where an individual will state to me “I am not going to change, this is who I am” I love this moment, because it exactly the moment where change begins.

“When it is you against the world, bet on the world.” Bob Sebo

At our core we all have our natural selves and we are all continuing to grow and evolve. Every person gets to choose whether they are going to grow new skills or not. Unfortunately, leaders do not get this luxury of choice. If you lead, you are required to continually grow new skills and change your style and approach based on the situation. If you lead others and you are holding on to old patterns that limit the growth of yourself…you are absolutely limiting the growth of others and your organization. It is not hard to teach an old dog new tricks….they just have to want to do it….and often they do if they are curious and engaged in life.

“Leadership is not always easy and it is extremely fulfilling every time you gain new skills and expanded perspectives.” Bobbie Goheen

Focus on the Purpose,

Bobbie Goheen