How to attract and keep great talent

bobbie goheen quote tomorrows success is built on the actions and achievements of today's talent.

Attracting and Keeping Top Talent

If you are looking to separate your company from others and attract the best talent, communicate and live the vision and cause of your company in a way that sends a strong message to employees that you care about them and our world.

To achieve this, successful leaders practice the following:

The ability to share your values and keep your community of employees aware and abreast of the business direction, the wins, the hurdles and the markets – – regardless if you have all the answers or not – – extends respect and trust to others. Starbucks leadership team is an excellent example of this style of leadership. It is not perfect and yet it is truthful. Great leaders are rarely perfect yet transparency is what makes them endearing and enduring.

Vision Talk
Leaders who have a bold vision, noble values and can communicate those values and vision attract great talent. The kind of talent that gives their best and sticks with the organization because of the leaders’ integrity in actions and the success they achieve. People who want to work hard and know that their hard work has a positive impact on those around them and also in the world tend to make the best contributions within a company.

Active Engagement
The ability to ask for feedback from others, even when you don’t want to hear it or their opinion may not seem relevant to the topic, is essential to attracting top talent. The more you engage others, listen to them respectfully, and are genuinely interested, the more you are able to ignite their passions, drive, and ambitions with goals and dreams of the organization.

In a highly competitive world great customer service and products puts you as the leader in the market. Engaging, aligning, sharing vision, values and goals with your employees, creates an unstoppable company.

People like doing business with other people who love what they do and deliver what they said they would.

Be attractive!