bobbie goheen executive coaching client laurie broccolo

Laurie Broccolo, Environmental Landscape consultant at Broccolo LEEDS

I am always amazed at Bobbie’s ability to take abstract business discussions and then verbally package into concise clear objectives that can be implemented. Great personality and integrity is obvious to anyone that meets her, but take a few minutes and find out what she can do for your business and you will also be amazed at the depth of her experience and advice.

emma visnic executive coaching client of bobbie goheen

Emma Visnic, General Manager, North Union Farmers Market

As my Birkman results clearly show, I have a tendency to be sensitive to constructive criticism and a desire to maintain control. Typically, having these character traits pointed out to me is a frustrating experience. Bobbie was such a pro at guiding me through the results and focusing me on improving my interpersonal relationships rather than my flaws. She is one of those intuitive people who knows how to gracefully work with all personalities and it’s a joy to spend time with her. I use the skills she taught me constantly and highly recommend going through the one on one process with her. It has improved my workplace relations immensely.

Mark Onisk Exectuive Coaching client of Bobbie Goheen

Mark Onisk, General Manager and Vice President, Books24x7 at Skillsoft

“Bobbie was contracted as our executive development coach during 2006-2007. I found her coaching approaches and group facilitation to be particularly effective in helping me develop as a leader and executive. Bobbie developed strong relationships with everyone on our team and prescribed thought-provoking activities that helped the group come together and allowed us all to develop as leaders. Her 1:1 coaching sessions were particularly helpful. I would personally recommend Bobbie for similar professional development initiatives.”

William Jacques Executive Coach client of Bobbie Goheen

William Jacques, Chief Financial Officer at Catalyst

When I met Bobbie Goheen, I had just been promoted to CFO and she was the company’s executive coach. The executive team had been through significant changes due to the departures of a few key executives. One of Bobbie’s top priorities was to help the new team develop an effective work and communication style. To do this, she taught us to forget what we “knew” and to learn how to understand our own and each other’s needs and styles.

Bobbie helped the team through a difficult transition. She continued to be a valuable resource for the company and for me.

I highly recommend Bobbie Goheen to any company looking for an executive coach or going through a significant transition

Diana Augspurger Executive Coaching client of Bobbie Goheen

Diana Augspurger, CEO, Creative Storage

“Bobbie has tremendous capacity to see core issues surrounding business dilemmas making her a very capable coach. She is genuinely concerned with her clients success and will utilize all of her resources to help them reach their goals. I am always impressed at how intuitive she is and how she can apply her knowledge of DISC, Birkman and other personality tests to help me understand the best way to communicate with my employees. Her insight has proven invaluable not only with HR issues but also with system development and sales management. I am very grateful to have found a coach with such a strong skill set.”

chris knight tetimonial for bobbie goheen

Chris Knight, Director of Marketing, Lightower

“Bobbie is a great leader and is fun to work with. She knows what the goals are and in our engagement with her, she led the team there but made sure that the team arrived at the destination in their own, unique way. Bobbie is an excellent facilitator and knows how to get the best from the people she works with. I would highly recommend Bobbie for a consulting or leadership role.”

Amy Castonoa Executive Coach Client Bobbie Goheen

Amy Castronova, President, Novatek Communications

I have had the privilege of working with Bobbie for 10 years through the Women’s Presidents Organization and personal coaching from time to time. Bobbie is one of the most intuitive and insightful people I know. She can see, feel, and identify core issues faster than anyone I’ve worked with and has a vast toolbox of strategies, methods, and teachings that bring the perfect amount of structure and heart. She’s the first person I go to when I’m unclear because she has a wonderful way of holding space, challenging your thinking, and providing resources for you to find the way.

Stacey Boyle executive coach client

Stacey L.T. Boyle, Ph.D., Chief People Planner @Smarter People Planning

Even though Bobbie was an outsider to my organization she fully understood the terrain I had to navigate and did her homework. She was an exceptional Executive Coach and would provide a unique perspective that I often needed to stay grounded. She would provide honest, compassionate feedback and truly had my best interest at heart. She offered multiple solutions which afforded me many options depending on a specific situation. I really felt like I was locked-n-loaded after I had a conversation with her. I like that she would role-play and help me anticipate scenarios that I could not see. Having worked with her I was far more confident making executive decisions and handling tough employee situations. I was always anxious to meet with her because I knew she would take me to task on follow up from our last conversation so I would prepare before our meetings so I didn’t let her down. It never failed that the amount of effort I put into our sessions was returned three-fold after interacting with Bobbie. She is exceptionally professional and I would highly recommend her to any organization seeking a deeply skilled, creative, and compassionate Executive Coach.

Mark Wickliffe

Mark Wickliffe

“I have known Bobbie since 2004. As a professional consultant I have found Bobbie to be well organized, efficient, of high integrity, and extremely competent. She has an excellent rapport with people that makes them comfortable and at ease. Her keen ability to connect people together for mutual benefit has personally provided value to me and my organization. I highly recommend Bobbie as a professional consultant. She will bring great things to any organization, group, or person she works with.”

Dawn VanDamme Executive Coach client of Bobbie Goheen

Dawn VanDamme

“Bobbie has facilitated our management team meetings and she has also helped me as a business coach. Her thought process and her ability to look at the whole organization and see what is needed to foster success is incredible. I always look forward to hearing her thoughts and especially her questions.”

Xiang-Dong Mi

Xiang-Dong Mi

“Bobbie is an outstanding leadership coach. I enjoyed the time I had with her for 15 months during the EMBA program at RIT. I continue benefiting from her coaching even after I finished the program, through her newsletters and unique tools. For example, a traditional 360-degree leadership survey is initiated by managers and done anonymously at work. Bobbie’s way is to do it face-to-face at my own initiative any time I want, with not only my managers, co-workers, and reports, but also my family members and friends, and all focusing on elements of emotional intelligence.”

Andrea Adair

Andrea Adair

“When I began working with Bobbie, my goal was to gain insights into my work life and avocations. At the outset, the two felt uncomfortably disparate. Through Bobbie’s expertise, I was able to gain a greater understanding of the kinds of interactions and activities most satisfying to me. These kinds of communications are available in many areas of my daily life. Keeping these types of activities at the forefront of my attention have created new integrations and alignments I would not have expected. Bobbie’s mentoring, through an open ended investigation, allowed this process to naturally unfold. The end result of discovering these self truths, with Bobbie’s insightful coaching, has been a turning point as I approach my own next steps with open hands.”

Jim Morris Executive Coachig Client of Bobbie Goheen

Jim Morris

“I have worked with Bobbie Goheen as an executive coach for the past three years and have been delighted with the experience. She understands leadership, management and what it takes to drive financial results in a large organization. She is insightful, she is willing to challenge the status quo and she is focused on improving corporate leadership. Her external view of our organization allows her to offer unique perspectives and gives her the ability to act as an objective sounding board. Bobbie is part coach, part psychologist and part motivator. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her. If your company is considering an engagement with Bobbie, I would welcome the opportunity to act as her reference.”

Sue Rodeman client of Bobbie Goheen

Sue Rodeman

“I had the privilege of working with Bobbie for many years as a participant in a Leadership Development program, through 1:1 coaching sessions, and while she helped facilitate our yearly strategic planning workshops. She truly understands the realities of leadership and guides her approach to the needs of the organization. She took the time to thoroughly understand our business, our personalities, and culture so that her tools and techniques could be most effective. I looked forward to her insights, humor, and grounding. Much of what I learned from and experienced through Bobbie I continue to leverage as new challenges come along. I highly recommend Bobbie as a leadership executive to organizations and individuals.”

Andrew Tempest Bobbie Goheen Client

Andrew Tempest

“I worked with Bobbie as a leadership coach when I was with Element K. I have been involved in a number of programs previously at AT&T & EDS but working with Bobbie proved more effective than anything I had previously gone through. Years later I still put in practice the tools and strategies I learned from her program in my day-to-day activities.”