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Anne Zimmer, Chief Financial Officer at Black Button Distilling

Bobbie is the first person I go to when I need clarity in making a difficult business decision. She listens to the factors complicating the decision process, makes sure that all aspects of the situation have been fully considered, and challenges me to find the truth inside myself that is preventing me from seeing the correct path forward. At the end of the discussion, I have more than advice about what to do – I have certainity that I am making the right decision for the right reasons.

bobbie goheen executive coaching client laurie broccolo

Laurie Broccolo, Environmental Landscape consultant at Broccolo LEEDS

I am always amazed at Bobbie’s ability to take abstract business discussions and then verbally package into concise clear objectives that can be implemented. Great personality and integrity is obvious to anyone that meets her, but take a few minutes and find out what she can do for your business and you will also be amazed at the depth of her experience and advice.

emma visnic executive coaching client of bobbie goheen

Emma Visnic, General Manager, North Union Farmers Market

As my Birkman results clearly show, I have a tendency to be sensitive to constructive criticism and a desire to maintain control. Typically, having these character traits pointed out to me is a frustrating experience. Bobbie was such a pro at guiding me through the results and focusing me on improving my interpersonal relationships rather than my flaws. She is one of those intuitive people who knows how to gracefully work with all personalities and it’s a joy to spend time with her. I use the skills she taught me constantly and highly recommend going through the one on one process with her. It has improved my workplace relations immensely.

Mark Onisk Exectuive Coaching client of Bobbie Goheen

Mark Onisk, General Manager and Vice President, Books24x7 at Skillsoft

“Bobbie was contracted as our executive development coach during 2006-2007. I found her coaching approaches and group facilitation to be particularly effective in helping me develop as a leader and executive. Bobbie developed strong relationships with everyone on our team and prescribed thought-provoking activities that helped the group come together and allowed us all to develop as leaders. Her 1:1 coaching sessions were particularly helpful. I would personally recommend Bobbie for similar professional development initiatives.”

William Jacques Executive Coach client of Bobbie Goheen

William Jacques, Chief Financial Officer at Catalyst

When I met Bobbie Goheen, I had just been promoted to CFO and she was the company’s executive coach. The executive team had been through significant changes due to the departures of a few key executives. One of Bobbie’s top priorities was to help the new team develop an effective work and communication style. To do this, she taught us to forget what we “knew” and to learn how to understand our own and each other’s needs and styles. Bobbie helped the team through a difficult transition. She continued to be a valuable resource for the company and for me. I highly recommend Bobbie Goheen to any company looking for an executive coach or going through a significant transition

Diana Augspurger Executive Coaching client of Bobbie Goheen

Diana Augspurger, CEO, Creative Storage

“Bobbie has tremendous capacity to see core issues surrounding business dilemmas making her a very capable coach. She is genuinely concerned with her clients success and will utilize all of her resources to help them reach their goals. I am always impressed at how intuitive she is and how she can apply her knowledge of DISC, Birkman and other personality tests to help me understand the best way to communicate with my employees. Her insight has proven invaluable not only with HR issues but also with system development and sales management. I am very grateful to have found a coach with such a strong skill set.”

chris knight tetimonial for bobbie goheen

Chris Knight, Director of Marketing, Lightower

“Bobbie is a great leader and is fun to work with. She knows what the goals are and in our engagement with her, she led the team there but made sure that the team arrived at the destination in their own, unique way. Bobbie is an excellent facilitator and knows how to get the best from the people she works with. I would highly recommend Bobbie for a consulting or leadership role.”

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