Teamwork and Facilitation starts with Leadership Learning

teamwork and facilitation
“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.” – Vesta M. Kelly

Teamwork for Synthesis Management Group begins by focusing on creating effective leadership learning environments at any level in an organization through the following practices:

  • Focus on ‘best practices’ sharing
  • Current leadership methodologies and models
  • Defining growth opportunities
  • Key behavioral change or additions
  • Creating the space to think, consider, brainstorm, create, and dream
  • Defining actions that are able to be realized
  • Committed to each other to create positive change for the individual, the team, the company, and the customers

Leadership Teams – Why they matter to Teamwork:

  • Sets a common ground and common language to leadership and team development
  • Aligns with the values of the company to maintain an environment of going growth and high performance
  • Sends a message that leadership is integral to success
  • Integrates company strategic and culture focus
  • Invests in key managers to ensure thoughtfulness of leader focus, communication, and skills.
  • Creates a focused, motivating, results oriented, and humane team environment
  • Strengthens the team by combining individual leadership development and team
  • Provides a process to have candid conversations crucial to everyday strength which leads to long term performance

Teamwork and Facilitation Program Development Process

  • Define Goals & Outcomes
  • Define Expectations of Participants
  • Develop Program to Expected Outcomes
  • Deliver Facilitated Synthesis Teamwork Leadership Learning Forum

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