Leadership Development

growth and development
“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. ” – Fred A. Manske, Jr.

Leadership Development for Executives

A leadership development program designed specifically for executives at the top of their profession and roles within the company. The program highlights the following areas that are key to individual professional and organizational growth:

  • Leadership strengths and positive behaviors for growth
  • Organizational, strategic, and tactical communications
  • Relationship building
  • Strategic “tunneling in” and feedback
  • Developing new leaders
  • Course adjustment skills – assessing for involvement, planning, course change, or leadership by example
  • Defining and redefining roles based on the needs of the company and team
  • Opportunity development and management
  • Creating environments that foster positive momentum for all involved
  • Understanding the difference between judgment and discernment

Leadership Development for Managers

This leadership development program represents the difference between the science of management and the art of leadership. Synthesis tailors it to a company’s vision, mission, and values to align with the qualities which allow leaders to thrive within the organization. In addition, they are provided with the core skills of leadership as follows:

  • Defining leadership from the inside out
  • Creating the pathway for successful communication in all venues
  • The key to successful relationships through the mastery of listening skills
  • Learning the science and art of feedback to grow oneself and others
  • Identifying the heart of problems to get to the ease of change
  • Creating a forward focused organization/team
  • Developing a plan for self-growth with milestone check in’s
  • Utilizing the science of business case development and management to ignite the positive growth and momentum within the organization
  • Leading oneself and others through change
  • Intentional focus on outcomes and performance in all conversations and decisions
  • The keys to effective choice management

Personal Excellence

This program focuses on individuals who are on a path of continual self development and is knowledge seeking in all aspects of their profession. They look at leadership as a practice and not a position. Synthesis tailors the session(s) for the people who make it happen. This program supports their growth with the recommended focus:

  • The importance of using intent as part of all their presentations
  • Effective skills and techniques for collaboration
  • Facilitation of groups to move to higher performance and communication level
  • The keys to effective communication
  • Unleashing the permission for growth and success from within
  • Using business case scenarios as a springboard for growth
  • Seeing and removing roadblocks to personal and project performance
  • Defining personal values, vision, and growth objectives