Fusion Leadership

Fusion Leadership groups are dynamic “think tanks” serving CEOs, Entrepreneurial Leaders and high-performing executives across industry sectors who want to be challenged personally and professionally, need an environment of trust created by those who “get it” and have a deep to desire to effect change. Fusion Leadership is an invitation only membership organization.

fusion leadership peer advisory groups
“Fusion leaders engage the bodies minds and hearts of their employees and inspire their souls.”

Peer Advisory Groups at Their Finest

Fusion Leadership offers professionally facilitated peer advisory groups for those who need – and want – a confidential environment to share ideas, best practices, knowledge. The space to be vulnerable, allowing for discussion of concerns without the risk of losing respect. One-on-one executive coaching sessions complement the monthly group meetings  to explore ideas or insights gained from the group learning sessions, to focus on areas that are uniquely important to you.

  • Professionally Facilitated meetings
  • Monthly group meetings
  • One-on-one executive coaching sessions

Fusion Leadership core practices include:

  • Focus on ‘best practices’ sharing
  • Defining actions that are able to be realized
  • Committed to each other to create positive change for the individual, the team, the company, and the customers
  • Defining growth opportunities
  • Key behavioral change or additions
  • Creating the space to think, consider, brainstorm, create, and dream

We offer the following Fusion Leadership Programs:

  • Fusion Entrepreneurial Leaders Forum
  • Fusion Chief Technology Officers (CTO) Group
  • Fusion Executive Leaders

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